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Introducing Giovannifederico.NET 2.0

After very long time I decided to develop a totally new version of my website and blogging platform. Giovannifederico.NET 2.0 engine is entirely built from scratch in PHP 7.0 and rendered through Skeleton 2. There are a lot of improvements and changes to make the navigation easier and faster. I also changed the hosting platform, migrating from the home-based Raspberry 2 Server to Google Cloud Platform.

The old version of this site was entirely based on Wordpress, a good blogging system that gives a lot of flexibility to the end user paying a cost in terms of performance. My new upcoming necessities, first of all related to the aforementioned research activity, forced me to design and develop something more light, efficient and personalizable.

On this way, I decided to code an entirely new blogging system totally focused on my working and educational activities and requirements. To do that I used PHP 7.0 programming language and MySQL 5.7 database management system to structure a fast and weightless engine, rendered in super-light and responsive way with Skeleteon 2.

The custom designing allowed me to develop a new web product useful to highlight my favorites information regarding publications, research, projects and some other things related to my life. Et voilà, Giovannifederico.NET 2.0 is cooked and it's only waiting to be tested by you, in other words bug hunting is highly encouraged! I know... generally an introduction post to a new platform should includes all the major and minor changes, new functionalities, services and bla bla bla. But I'm too lazy to write a circumstantial list of improvements, therefore I prefer to give you the pleasure of discovery, leaving you free to explore the new site and waiting for your feedbacks and suggestions.

Concluding, it's also necessary to introduce another big change. Starting from the first version, my website was always hosted by a Raspberry Pi1 and Pi2. Raspi is a really incredible system to set up with satisfaction a domestic web server but - as I mentioned before - it's a "domestic" product. It means that the power is limited and the necessity to stay in the same place of the server if something happen isn't mandatory but highly recommended (just try to think if your ISP interrupts internet connection).

Since I need a more robust and reliable solution, I chose Google Cloud Platform as new hosting service, configuring a Debian Jessie instance with 1 virtual CPU, 1.7Gb of RAM memory and 10Gb of standard disk space. The scalability of the Google service will allow me to upgrade the infrastructure as soon as I will need.

That's really all! Let's try this new web experience!